Episode Recap: Night Terrors | Campaign 1 Episode 19

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Episode Recap: Night Terrors | Campaign 1 Episode 19

In today’s Blue Collar DM Presents:  Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons – The Alithia Chronicles, we pick up where our adventures left off after their battle with the necrotizing troll that saw our sarcastic druid Timik defeating the beast with a blast from his thunderwave. With the throws of battle ending, our adventurers took the time to examine their surrounds, with Juliet expressing interest in the Myconid Sproutlings that had sprung up in the area surrounding the Troll’s Hovel. Upon further examination, and an attempt to uproot one of these sproutlings, our adventurers felt sharp pains in their chests, as if they felt some link to these fungi.

Wanting to exacerbate the situation more, Juliet quickly cut one of these sprouts out of the ground, sending ripples of pain and shuddering across the grove of sproutlings near this hovel. Alerted to their presence, the Sovereign of this colony beared down on our adventurer’s positions in the grove. Despite some clever attempts at hiding by the spellcasters, Morharan was not able to find a suitable hiding place. Not only that, their position was given up by the sproutlings in the grove. Wanting to gain favor with the Sovereign, the group was able to convince the Myconids that they meant no harm. This Sovereign was then able to give our group some much needed information on how they arrived on the Material Plane and on the evil demonic witch who’s presence was spreading an air of undeath, affecting the local plant life, animals, and the water supply that just so happened to be feeding its way downstream to the town of Thistlebrush.

With this knowledge, our adventurers decided to make their way back home, however, during their travels, Juliet and Twyla had their inner most thoughts and memories intruded upon by some nightmarish presence, presumably this witch that they learned the presence of. They were afflicted with some sort of curse that gave them a level of Doom, a mechanic that gives a failed death saving throw for each level of Doom. 

After a very brief encounter during the evening against some strange sort of necrotic grubs, our party traveled the rest of their journey to Thistlebrush to ask about this evil “witch” they just learned about. Much of the townsfolk were of very little help to the adventurers and, as such, our party decided to make rest for the evening. In her trance-like state that Juliet undergoes for her long rest, her visions were intruded upon by a nightmarish presence, presumably the witch she just was haunted by. She saw the imagery of an old friend, a Myconid named Rumpleton being tortured and having his face peeled off, left to die in a heap on the ground. 

What is this witch? Why has it come to the Material Plane? Why has it targeted our adventurers? How can our adventurers rid themselves of this curse? Find out as our adventurers do in the next episode!

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