Episode Recap | Trophy Troubles

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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 29 of Campaign 1, Trophy Troubles.

Last we left off, upon defeating the Faelees in a great ambush that saw our players not only take on the members of the Faelee Family, but also a Chimera that sought to make a meal of our heroes, our adventurers went down for an evening’s rest inside their tiny hut.

Nearing the end of the first watch, our heroes once again noticed some rustling in the darkness beyond. A group of 3 Hill Giants, finding a battlefield littered with corpses, decided to make a meal out of the spoils of our adventurer’s exploits.  Upon seeing the grand prize, the great chimera, the Hill Giants began to discuss how they would divvy up and devour the beast.

Needing a trophy, our beleaguered heroes had a choice to make, intervene in order to secure their trophy as proof of fulfillment of their contract with the Hand of Justice, or see the prospective riches of their efforts be eaten by these giants.

Choosing the former, Demakos, Juliet, and Morharan created a number of crafty distractions until Demakos, using his newly gifted Hand Cannon thanks to Kenxucnid Onys of the Ember Garrison, was able to drive away the Hill Giants, intimidating them with his Blue Tiefling form paired with the loud boom stick at his disposal. After which, the party was able to salvage their trophies from the Chimera, before bedding for a well-deserved rest.

The following morning Morharan was able to track the location of the individual on the other end of the Orb of Scrying, an item they came into possession of after their battle with the Faelee minions. His vision was taken beyond his current location, headed south, past the now erupted Blacktop Mountain, where he could see the fiery anger and violence of the Volcano, activity new to this world and to our party. After which, his vision was taken to the city of Dreadmire, to a Mansion within the city.

After much heated discussion, Twyla, utilizing the Gem of Augury, called upon the gems powers, asking if the right path to stop the oncoming threat from Sheykas and the Slaads was to head to the source, a strange tower Morharan also saw in his visions. The response was affirmative. Even so, Twyla felt herself pulled beyond the limits of her Augury spell, to a vision of the Tiger Demon Sheykas along with the Blue Slaad Spellcaster whom Morharan had seen prior, but this time, another figure. A young Drow Elf with white hair, pink eyes, with a familiar looking fiery pact weapon of death. The visage of Juliet prior to her transformation under her new patron.  And that is where our adventure left off.

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