Episode Recap | The Triple Threat

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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 28 of Campaign 1, The Triple Threat.

Last we left off, our band of adventurers began their travel north towards the Cloudspire Citadel in order to hopefully gain some clues as to what brought the Slaads into the prime material plane, hoping to find the source and eradicating them.

During their travels, our party found themselves encountering a number of different challenges. A group of 2 cyclopes in the foothills here charged the party after noticing them while they themselves were crawling through the wreckage of an overturned cart found on the road here. The party was able to dispatch them with relative ease, acquiring some supplies as well as a Gem of Augury. A one-time use item allowing the user to cast the Augury spell.

Continuing their journey, while trying to find a suitable place to setup camp, Demakos and Juliet conversed about their travels up until now, hashing out many of their differences they’ve had along the way. Many of their arguments squashed, the two were finally able to come to understanding, hopefully fostering a new healthy friendship between the two.

While setting up camp, the Juliet noticed shifting in the darkness beyond, smartly casting Faerie Fire she was able to reveal the oncoming ambush by members of the Faelees. Not long into the battle, the Chimera that Demakos so longed to hunt down, took the opportunity to join the fray, hoping to pick up an easy piece of pray for dinner. Demakos had other plans.

In a battle that saw Twyla fall and many of our party members take some good hits, our band of adventurers were victorious. Upon further investigation, Twyla and Juliet noticed many of these henchmen were gaunt, emaciated individuals of varying races as well as both male and female, deducing that maybe some of these Faelee cultists were actually slaves. Further investigation of the battlefield revealed:

1 Sending Stone
Pole of Collapsing
2 Potions of Greater Healing
600 gp
A Beacon of Scrying

And that’s where our story left off.

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