Episode Recap | The Lusty Dragonborn Maid

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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 26 of Campaign 1, The Lusty Dragonborn Maid.

Last we left off, our party of adventurers set off from the city of Nulgrim in hopes to find new adventures and hunt down the “Frog Creatures” that were rumored to be wreaking havoc in the towns and villages to the north of Nulgrim. Along the way, the party stopped for a day’s rest at the Ember Garrison, a training grounds for recruits of the Crimson Regiment, the local army outfit here for the Dukedom of Nulgrim.

Here, Morharan learned more about these “Frog Cretures” from an old friend, Lieutenant General Lira Hume, the same General who outfitted the party against the Duergar many moons ago. She voiced concerns of the growing threat of these creatures as a number of new recruits had “gone missing” on their journey up to the Cloudspire Citadel. Those who did make it to the Citadel or were able to return to the Garrison reported strange experiences, memories clouded except for distinct colors, Red, Blue, & Green.

In addition, the General reported an illness that had stricken a number of soldiers at the Cloudspire. Many whom have been sick for a few weeks. The attacks of these creatures, coupled with this mysterious disease, was cause enough for her to warn Morharan and, in turn, the party of the dangers ahead.

After this conversation, a number of party members met a very eccentric Silver Dragonborn who was able to give the party a book on “Blood Curses” and a very strange “Arcane Ballista” to test.

Leaving the following morning, the party added a recruit, Tom, a small scraggly looking young lad to their party to aide them in their journey north. Sometime between the Garrison and Pinewall, the wagon they had relied on for many of their journeys broke down. While repair the broken wheel, the party was attack by 2 mysterious figures. When the battle begun to turn the party’s way, a 3rd figure revealed himself, a Tiefling, recognized Demakos saying “Brother, is that you I see?” And that’s where our adventure left off…

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