Episode Recap | The Confrontation

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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 30 of Campaign 1, The Confrontation.

Last we left off, our group of adventurers continued their journey North to a large tower that both Morharan and Twyla had both seen in visions, Morharan in a dream, and Twyla at the end of a casting of her Augury spell.

As they continued north, our heroes were able to avoid a number of dangers on the road. Foraging for food, Morharan and the Black Bear version of Juliet were able to stumble upon a rare Black Cusp mushroom, a plant native to the Underdark that was also the final reagent Juliet needed to craft one dose of her Drow Poison.

Continuing on, the party found themselves at the foot of the grand tower known as the Cinder Spire. Dark and black, but aged to time, this ruined structure hidden by the landscape of the mountains here. Upon closer approach, the hard edges of this tower climbing into the sky, finishing in a broken spire at the top.

Entering the tower, the party found more of these Slaad creatures, various traps, and an encounter with spooky spooky skulls that flung fireballs until they made their way to the top of the ruined structure.

Here, our band of adventurers met with the subject of their visions, the white humanoid tiger demon known as Sheykas with his extra long fangs, red cloak, and golden tiger staff. With him, the Blue Slaad caster “mother” that our party had seen before, and the visage of Juliet prior to her transformation under her new patron.

Sheykas revealed his intentions to lure the party up here, but not before they acquired a special tome of “Blood Magic” that they acquired from the Ember Garrison not a few days ago. He also revealed that he had set the bounty, utilizing one of his “ladies” to contract the Hand of Justice under the disguise of Madame Penelope Ravenwood, the same woman the party met in Pinewall on their way North. It was at this time that the Blue Slaad revealed their disguise.

After demanding the book, Sheykas froze the party, retrieving the book for himself before leaving his “Ladies” to do his bidding saying: “Ladies, I’m off to the next anchor. Take your trophies and dispose of them.” And that is where we left off….

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