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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 24 of Campaign 1, Potent Potables.

After the events of the last episode, our adventures spent the evening in the Gnome town of Thistlebrush. There they awoke and set out on the town for some shopping and merriment. Upon walking out into the aftermath of last night’s Beer Fest activities, the party noticed the stench and the oppressive heat that greeted them this morning. A hot summer day in what is supposed to be early spring.

Moving on the party searched the town for some interesting magical items. They found a pawn shop, Nissa’s Ends, where they were able to find a number of intriguing items such as the Belt of Dwarvenkind, a magical item giving +2 Constitution, Advantage on Persuasion Checks against Dwarves, Darkvision for 60ft, learn Dwarvish, advantage on saving throws against poison and resistance to poison damage, and, most importantly, the 50% chance to grow a beard at dawn, something Morharan valued very highly.

After more shopping, the group found themselves at the local Alchemist Shop, Fate and Medicament, where they were able to trade some a newly found Mysterious Ooze that the alchemist, Ulla Quillsharpener, took interest in. A strange accord was made where she would research ways to stabilize the ooze in exchange for her knowledge and potions that she had on hand. A strange partnership, but possibly one with some benefit later down the line.

While Twyla and Juliet continued shopping for equipment at the local blacksmith, Morharan and Demakos found themselves enjoying in some of the local cuisine. They found a local cheesesteak stand where a man name Chester was crafting these amazing sandwiches of meat and cheese in some sort of mechanized Ferris Wheel like contraption. A very well organized food establishment, Chester appearing to be the only one working, but was able to serve guests, manage money, and prepare the food all at once. One could even call the establishment a real Cheesesteak Factory of sorts.

Enjoying their meals with a group of dwarves that they had seen that very morning, the party enjoyed yet another day of rest and relaxation. And that is where our adventure left off…

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