Episode Recap | Old Wounds

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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 27 of Campaign 1, Old Wounds.

Last we left off, our party of adventurers battled with Demakos’ brother Kacius, former leader of the Orange Jackal Gang, and his two bandit compatriots, Huey and Dewey, before Kacius and the men surrendered after learning the party’s identity. 

They explained they had left the gang and the oversight of the Faelees after learning of Demakos’ betrayal of the family and after losing out on the capture of a very large precious gem of Black Crystal not long ago. After some negotiation, Kacius agreed to take on Tom, the plucky Halfling the party just acquired, and lay low in the ruins of Elderwater until so much a time came where Kacius and his group could be of use in the party’s infiltration of the Faelees.

After which, the party continued on to Pinewall where they were met by 2 of the “Battle Toad” creatures known as Slaads that had been infecting and terrorizing this town. They also met up with Madame Penelope Ravenwood, another member of the Hand of Justice, who also took on the contract to eradicate these fiends.

She voiced the situation has grown quite out of control and that many of the townsfolk had transformed into these beasts that she has had to slay on her own. Without proper remedy to cure the parasite these Slaads were implanting, she had, up until now, had been quarantining the community in their homes, hoping to isolate the disease to individuals.

With the new salve that Twyla just learned how to use and restorative magics, the party was able to locate the infected and cure two of the three townsfolk. The other had already undertaken the transformation and way slain by the party thereafter.

Resting for the evening after their battles and events of the day, Morharan had a vision in his dream, almost as if he was being pulled by some mystical force, to the location of the Queen of these Slaads. There he saw, a rather large Blue Slaad with a magical staff, hand outstretched towards a magic symbol in the ground. Standing next to this Slaad, a rather large humanoid white tiger, the demon patron known as Sheykas, also extending a hand out towards the circle. And that’s where our journey left off… 

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