Episode Recap – Ferret Races!?!

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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 23 of Campaign 1, Ferret Races!?!

While the title of this episode would lead you to believe that it was very lighthearted, the game started off with some interesting developments. After Bubbe fled, the party was able to search the surrounding areas for clues, possible treasure, as gain some insight on the events that have transpired.

While Demakos, Morharan and Twyla searched Bubbe’s hovel, finding some interesting magic items, they also found an entrance into what would presumably be the Underdark. While an intriguing discovery, the party felt it best to take some time to rest and relax after their battle with the demonic hag rather than delve in the chamber before them.

During this time, Juliet spent her time taking out her aggression of the most recent events out on some trees. Trying to calm her, Dale, the bird companion who accompanied her back to the Material Plane after Timik gave his soul for hers.

Calling upon an individual only known as “Tully” to the party, an extra-planar being was summoned out of the tree that Juliet was fighting. This being of fungal growth and reverence referred to the bird that had been following the party around as “Timik” and “One of Her Children.” It was revealed that the spirit of Timik still lived, and had been occupying the body of the dwarf, Dale, during the party’s travels.

With this truth revealed, Tully was also able to heal Juliet’s wounds, giving her back the face that was taken from her. Albeit with a scar as a reminder of what was taken from her.

After which, the party traveled back to Thistlebrush for some much needed R&R. Juliet spent most of the time drinking her sorrows away, while the rest of the party partook in some of the games of the Beer Fest that was currently in full swing. Demakos entered and won a match against the champion of the fighting pits, winning himself a powerful item and coin while Twyla purchased a ferret named Dolly. Dolly was entered into the race that was to occur that evening and won!

After which, the party celebrated, filling up on plenty of food & drink before finding a rest for the evening. And that’s where our adventure left off…

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