Episode Recap – Demonic Face Lift

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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 22 of Campaign 1, Demonic Face Lift.

How can I describe this week’s episode in two words? Nightmare Inducing?

We left off with our adventurers meeting a new friend, Demakos. A winged Tiefling with a penchant for punching and flinging radiant blasts of energy. While no one can replace Timik, Demakos may definitely prove himself useful in the days and battles to come.

Not long into the night’s watch, Demakos earned his keep and was able to hear the oncoming footsteps of two Treants, normally daylight traveling monsters. However, these Treants were afflicted by some sort of disease. No doubt this is due to the affect that Bubbe, the demonic witch who recently made a home here, has had on the landscape. In a swift battle, our adventurers were able to dispatch the beasts.

During the second watch, Twyla attempted to sleep, something she had not attempted the previous evening due to her fear of the witch’s curse on her. With Morharan at her side, she was able to fight off attempts by Bubbe to infiltrate her dreams. However, Bubbe’s eye fell on Morharan as he was now yet another victim to the witch’s curse.

As our adventurers advanced into the next day, their plan to march on Bubbe and her hovel commenced. Upon their approach, they noticed a figure standing there, waiting their arrival. The visage of Timik, standing there, eyes darkened and covered in shadow. Upon hostility, the image of Timik took to biting the head off of Sir Squeekington, the mouse companion Juliet grew fond of previously in their journey.

Seeing this gruesome image, the party attacked. Not long into the battle, the image of Timik was defeated, revealing the true enemy, Bubbe, the demonic witch they party sought to destroy. Despite their best efforts, the party appeared outmatched by the witch in her lair where she summoned more of the skeletal zombies that they saw before. 

Misty stepping around the battlefield, Bubbe was able to take advantage of the party’s positioning, cornering Juliet, before using her “Face Peel” ability to steal the face of Juliet for her own devices.  After which, she made her way back to her hovel, teleporting away before Morharan and Demakos could take her down. 

And that is where our journey left off…

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