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In this week’s episode recap of the Blue Collar DM Presents Blue Collar Dungeons and Dragons, we take a deep dive into Episode 25 of Campaign 1, Deep Cuts.

Last we left off, our band of adventurers, after enjoying a day of cheesesteaks and shopping, set out on their journey to the city of Nulgrim to return the severed troll head they were to harvest in exchange for payment for slaying the beast. Little did they know the toll this journey would bring.

The adventurers passed through the towns of Deermeadow and Timberwood, the origins of where their story began. Choosing to waste little time, they arrived in Nulgrim at the tail end of their second day of travel. The party was able to exchange the head of the troll for their reward and also acquired the contract for the killing of a mysterious large flying creature that had been attacking farms and small villages to the north.

Morharan was able to visit his friend Bristol, the meat packer and beef jerky maker that Morharan and Timik had invested in during their last visit. Bristol voiced great improvements, learning much about the trade of butchery and the cuts of meat from his mentor, Krummis Meatcleaver, a dwarf with a rough exterior but an appreciation for what Bristol has given him and his business as an apprentice.

Twyla visited Petra, the Halfling librarian whom had been the love interest of Timik. She explained to Petra the demise of the Dwarf she had grown fond of. Petra took this news in stride it appeared, but was still disappointed by the news. While visiting, Petra gave Twyla a book. An old captains log the describes a creature similar to what she was looking for.

Juliet visited Markus, her former lover, to attain closure on their relationship. After an emotional conversation between the two, they agreed to the terms of what they were, explained each others truths, before ending their exchange. On her way out, Markus offered Juliet boxes of donuts that had been made for the fake “wedding” of her and Morharan. In fact, a rather large cake had been made for her per her request. This cake was enjoyed by many a patron at the tavern the following morning as part of their meal.

Finally, the adventurers suited up into any equipment that could be made available at the barracks of the Crimson Regiment, before heading north for their next adventure, and that is where our story left off…

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