Artificer | Top 10 Magic Items for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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Today, we break down the best magical items for the Artificer in your game if you’re a Dungeon Master, and the ones you are going to want to go after if you are playing one!

Artificer’s are infamous for their ability to tinker the arcane to produce great works of technology and magic. Because of this, one would assume crafting magical items would be a central point of the class and you’d be right. With a possible 6 attunable items by level 18, balancing these items out is going to be important.

Because of their many attunement slots and the abilities from the class, Artificers can craft items with their various magical infusions. When examining the magic items we recommend in our top 10, we’ve actually excluded these “craftable” items as they are not unique ones to seek out during regular play.

Here’s Our List: 

  1. Wand of Magic Detection – Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) – Uncommon

Starting us off at number 10, we have the Wand of Magic Detection. An uncommon magic item from the DMG, this wand enables the Artificer to cast Detect Magic from the wand using 1 of it’s 3 charges that reset 1d3 each dawn. 

This is huge for the Artificer seeing as it’s one of the most useful ritual spells in the game that the Artificer won’t have to prepare as a result of having this item. 

The reason it comes in at number 10 is that many other classes also get access and can often cast this spell as a ritual if they have learned it. The wizard casting from their spellbook is a great example of this. 

However, if the Artificer is your only Intelligence caster in your party, this wand can really help the Artificer to remain flexible when prepping their spells each day.

  1. Cloak of Displacement – DMG – Rare

Coming in at number 9 is the Cloak of Displacement. Having the ability to create disadvantage in attack rolls against your Artificer, or any character for that matter, is a huge asset, especially when trying to maintain concentration on a number of the spells on the Artificer spell list. 

Taking any damage does suppress the effect for a round so targeting those creatures that don’t make attack rolls will be a priority for this Artificer. This aspect does take this item down a peg compared to the other items on this list.

  1. Broom of Flying – DMG – Uncommon

At number 8 we have the Broom of Flying. Having flight on any character is a huge asset, and that’s why this Uncommon magic item is on this list. 

While you cannot dash with the broom, the fact that you get 50 feet of flying speed per round is a huge asset, and generally better than walking for most character classes, and the same can be said for the Artificer. 

Pair that with the arcane firearm for your artillerist or any other ranged attacks and you have a great, and mobile, damage output with the ability to support, heal or buff the other party members all over the battlefield. 

And that’s why this uncommon magic item makes number 8 on our list.

  1. Ring of Spell Storing – DMG – Rare

At number 7 we find the ring of spell storing. Given the Artificer is a 1/2 caster, similar to the paladin, being able to manage spell slots can be a real challenge for a more spell focused artificer. Having the ability to store 5 levels worth of spells at a time can be a great way to have Shield or Absorb Elements on hand as a great defensive buff in a fight. 

When paired with the spell storing item ability at level 11, an Artificer with an Intelligence of 20 can store as much as 15 levels worth of spells, given 10 of those levels are for the spell stored in that spell storing item. 

The ring of spell storing really pushes this envelope and is the reason it comes in at number 7.

  1. Manual of Bodily Health – DMG – Very Rare

At number 6 we have the Manual of Bodily Health. After spending the 48 hours it takes to read this tome, the reader will gain a permanent bonus of +2 to its Constitution score as well as a +2 increase the max score it can be. 

One of two tomes in that vein that appear on this list, the Manual of Bodily Health can be argued to be one of the most universally useful items in the game. Boosting Constitution by 2 points, guarantees an increase of 1 hp per level as well as better constitution saving throws, one of the most common in the game. 

Meaning yet again, saving on concentration checks will be enhanced with this item.

  1. Cloak of Invisibility – DMG – Legendary

Moving on, the top 5 can really be a toss up between the items on this list. Coming in at number 5 we have the Cloak of Invisibility. This item just edges into the top 5 as it gives the user access to what is essentially advantage in virtually every combat encounter. 

For 2 hours, the user can be invisible, regaining 1 hour of use for every 12 hours of disuse. The chances your player will use up all 2 hours is rare, unless they are trying to infiltrate an enemy compound, having the ability to be invisible and stay invisible is huge as this cloak gives you the invisibility condition, not the spell, allowing you to stay invisible when you attack or cast spells. 

Because of this ability, it edges out the Manual of Bodily Health.

  1. Ring of Three Wishes – DMG – Legendary

Coming in at number 4 we have the Ring of 3 Wishes. This item would be higher on our list if not for the volatility and the table by table variation experienced with this item. 

Giving the user to cast wish 3 times, you can do a number of amazing things such as casting any 8th level spell or lower, granting resistance to 1 damage type to up to 10 creatures, create an object worth 25,000 gp, amongst others, the limitations of this item are up to the player and DM’s imagination and really flavors well with the Artificer class having a magic ring that can do unimaginable things. 

This magic item comes with risk and is the main reason it falls to number 4 on our list.

  1. Ioun Stone of Mastery – DMG – Legendary

At number 3 we have the Ioun Stone of Mastery. With this legendary item, the user gains a permanent +1 to their proficiency score. 

The benefits of this mean that all our attack rolls, proficient saving throws and skills all benefit from this one item and can make the difference at all levels of play.

 And with the Artificer having proficiency in Constitution saving throws, we again have the ability to maintain concentration on a number of spells and protect ourselves from one of the most common saves in the game. A great boon for any Artificer.

  1. All Purpose Tool – Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything – Multiple Levels Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare

Just edged out of the top spot is the All-Purpose Tool from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. 

What brings it to number 2 is actually the 3 variations of this item. With each increase in rarity we improve our spell attack rolls and spell save DC by +1 for each level in rarity, capping out at +3 for the very rare version of the item. 

Requiring attunement, this tool can be turned into any artisan tool in the game as an action. In addition, you also gain access to one cantrip from any class list and gain the ability to cast it as an Artificer cantrip. The cantrip can also be changed out each dawn. Great if you want to grab Eldritch Blast on your Artificer, or any other myriad of options available. 

This flexibility is why it comes in at number 2 on our list. It would come in higher were it not for the lack of use of tool proficiencies by many DMs in the 5th edition version of the game.

  1. Tome of Clear Thought – DMG – Very Rare

Finally, at number 1 we have the Tome of Clear Thought. This book, like the Manual of Bodily Health, gives a permanent +2 bonus to your Intelligence score and increases your Intelligence score maximum by 2. 

Intelligence is the spellcasting ability for the Artificer, as well as the score used by battlesmiths for their weapon attacks. Increased damage output, tougher spell save DCs and better ability to hit things, and boons to many of the important skill checks for the artificer are what bring this item to number 1.


What do you think of our list? Was there an item missing you were expecting to see? Disagree with us? Leave comments below with your top 10 or tell us what we got wrong. 

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I hope you learned something and found something that you can use in your games, and, as always, Happy Gaming!

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