About Us

Let's play on the Internet. Who knows what will happen?

How it all began...

At the onset of 2020 The Blue Collar DM YouTube channel was created with the hopes of teaching new Dungeon Masters and Players on the amazing high fantasy RPG worlds that can be explored with Dungeons & Dragons. Through DM Guides, Player Class breakdowns & Rules Education, the hope was to spread the love and joy for this amazing hobby.

And then the world changed...

With many people quarantined as the result of the pandemic of 2020, we thought it was important to teach DMs and players the ins and outs of playing online as a means to help folks struggling during these trying times. With tutorials on Foundry VTT, Roll20, and Fantasy Grounds as well as available services to enhance the online experience, a priority was made to help those who may have lost their ability to enjoy this amazing hobby.

With that thought in mind, a group of adventurers were assembled to give viewers a chance to see these tools and Dungeon Master strategies in action, while also providing a source of joy for those looking for an escape from the real world. We hope that our continuing adventures will be a catalyst for you to start your own games!